A Traditional and More Aggressive Approach
The traditional approach to resolving disputes is litigation. The technique is not as common
as it once was, as there are now alternative methods for resolving issues related to divorce
and other family law matters.

How Litigation Works
With litigation, each individual hires a personal attorney to represent him or her in court
regarding the matters in question. For divorces, these typically include child custody and
timesharing, child support, s
pousal support, the partition of community assets and liabilities,
exclusive possession of the marital home and attorney’s fees. We will attempt, in the early
stages of our representation, to resolve the case amicably, but if the parties cannot agree, the
court will be involved.

Issues to consider in the litigation process:
  • Litigation eliminates the client's control of the outcome and places the control with a
  • Litigation is emotionally more difficult for families
  • Litigation can be more expensive
  • Litigation is more time consuming

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