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Susan H. Neathamer
guiding you through your civil litigation with the utmost dignity
Susan H. Neathamer's goal is to provide each and every client with a dignified
alternative to litigation, and a resolution that is in their family's best interest.

Susan H. Neathamer is experienced in several methods of dispute resolution -
collaborative law/divorce, mediation, and litigation. While she believes clients benefit
most when cases are settled without court intervention, Susan strives to resolve
disputes as expeditiously and economically as possible, always focusing on her client's
best interest. She will always attempt to negotiate a settlement on behalf of her client,
either directly with the opposing party and/or attorney or through mediation or
collaborative law/divorce, to try to minimize the costs of litigation.

Although Susan is able to settle most of her clients' cases, some must go to trial. When
a trial is necessary, she works closely with her client, the relevant witnesses, and
appropriate experts to present the evidence and legal arguments that will result in
the most favorable decision possible.

Susan’s first contact with a client is usually through an initial consultation for which
there is a reasonable charge. She will spend approximately one hour with the
prospective client to discuss the facts of the case, the applicable law, the parties’ rights
and obligations, and her recommendations for a course of action. The anticipated cost
of our representation and our fee arrangement will also be discussed. If Susan and
the client jointly decide to proceed with representation, she will enter into a formal
retainer agreement that sets forth the financial terms of her employment.

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