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Susan H. Neathamer
guiding you through your civil litigation with the utmost dignity
...to the Law Office of Susan H. Neathamer, where we understand how
important your family, health and privacy are to you.

The rapid changes of today’s world can put a lot of strain on any
household, and can lead to some very tough decisions. When the only
course of action appears to be dissolution of marriage, it’s important to
understand the law and procedures involved, including d
ivorce, spousal
, custody of children and child support.

Divorce is a life-changing decision that not only affects the couple
involved, but also affects the children of the marriage. Every situation is
different, but the right attorney will guide families through all the
appropriate steps and choices to insure the most amicable and dignified
resolution. Susan h
as been in family law practice since 1992 offering years
of family law experience, including collaborative law
and mediation, and is
committed to making the path as smooth as possible for her clients.

Through one-on-one client consultations, Susan helps guide families
through the complex areas of family law, which include divorce, child
custody and support, spousal support, community property division, and
pre-nuptial agreements. Beyond these issues, Susan also represents clients
in matters of wills and/or succession
s, business law, criminal law, and
personal injury.